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Institutional Update

Newsletter | June 2016




Highlights Include: 

  • Firm Update
  • Market Moves
  • Capital Markets Update
  • Performance Update
  • A unique opportunity to invest in an alternative asset class that is uncorrelated with financial markets
  • Presidential Election: Expect the Unexpected to Become More Conventional
  • FOMC Meeting: The Long and Short (Term) of It
  • Federal Reserve Leaves Rates Unchanged, Dials Back Long-Term Outlook
  • The Dawn of Brexit –Implications for Fixed Income and Currencies
  • Brexit Impact



The Dawn of Brexit - Implications for Fixed Income and Currencies

Investment Talks | July 6, 2016



The UK’s vote to leave the EU will have global economic and financial consequences. During the initial days of uncertainty, global financial markets sold off sharply as markets were determining whether Brexit was a regional or global shock to the world economy. 



US Economic Outlook Improving

Perspectives | August 2016



Recent US economic data indicate that the US may deliver growth of over 2% as well as modestly higher inflation for the second half of the year, for overall 2.0% GDP growth over the next 12 months.



Fed Monetary Policy: A Moving Target

Investment Talks | September 22, 2016


As expected, the Federal Reserve Board yesterday left interest rates unchanged following the September meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee. The Fed appears to be changing the rules for monetary policy and moving its targets. Chair Janet Yellen cited the need to wait for further improvement in the economy, even though there is evidence that the Fed’s goals have been achieved. She indicated that Committee members will continue to assess economic conditions but made no commitment on the timing of a rate increase. The futures market places a 59% probability on a December hike, but the Fed’s shifting views make that uncertain.