A knowledge-driven investment approach

Amundi Pioneer's institutional investment approach has been tried and tested for throughout our long history. Our experienced investment professionals have navigated market cycles — both good and bad — developing an in-depth understanding of global financial trends while remaining true to the four cornerstones of our investment approach:

  • Value-based approach: The search for value, active risk taking, and risk management are the pillars of our investment process.

  • High-quality research: Our career analysts, specialized by sector and asset class, focus on understanding intrinsic asset value for clients.

  • Risk management: We take a holistic view of portfolios by leveraging quantitative tools and the insightful viewpoints of our seasoned Portfolio Management teams to determine which risks may be in the best interest of our clients.

  • Tenured portfolio managers: Their knowledge of the markets, combined with our high-quality research, drives them to have strong yet informed views on where they believe it is best to invest and for how long.