Strategy Objectives

Pioneer Global Multi-Sector Fixed Income is a multi-sector fixed income strategy that invests across a wide range of global developed and emerging market fixed income sectors and currencies with the goal of achieving competitive returns, while working to limit volatility. A key element of the strategy is long/short currency exposures, which have low correlation to fixed income markets and can add alpha, while diversifying risk.


Key Features

The Strategy is managed within a strong fixed income investment culture focused on sound, fundamental research. Key features of the Pioneer Global Multi-Sector Fixed Income Strategy include: 

  • Value Approach: Assesses relative value across a broad range of global fixed income sectors, seeking strong total returns by investing in mispriced sectors and securities 
  • Broad Diversification:1 Expands opportunity set by investing in benchmark and non-benchmark sectors, increasing potential for higher returns, while diversifying risk through lower correlations of non-investment grade and global sectors with US investment grade sectors 
  • Active, Dynamic Asset Allocation: Overweights sectors strategically that offer attractive relative value, with particular focus on credit sectors where Pioneer has core competency 
  • Downside Risk Focus: Strives to mitigate loss by avoiding at-risk sectors and securities, and aims to avoid principal loss in rising interest rate environments through active asset allocation to reduce exposure to the most interest rate-sensitive sectors. 
  • Experienced, Stable Team: Average over 28 years of experience among the portfolio managers and averages over 20 years of experience among the fixed income team

1Diversification does not guarantee a profit or protect against a loss.


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