Multi-Sector Fixed Income Strategies

Added value through asset allocation and security selection
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As of December 31, 2016


Global Multi-Sector
Fixed Income


Fixed Income


Opportunistic Core

Inception Date


December 2007

  June 1999  

October 1978

Assets Under Management


$27 million

  $11,373 million  

$5,664 million

Investment Universe

  • US and international government
  • Mortgage
  • Investment grade corporate
  • High Yield
  • Emerging Markets bonds
  • Currency
  • US Treasury/agency
  • US and non-US investment grade debt
  • US and non-US high yield
  • Emerging markets debt
  • Bank loans
  • Currency
  • US Treasury/agency
  • US investment grade debt
  • US high yield

Credit Quality Range¹


A to AA


A to BBB-


A to AA



Bloomberg Barclays Global Aggregate Index


Bloomberg Barclays US Universal Index


Bloomberg Barclays US Aggregate Index


Source: Pioneer Investments, December 31, 2016

¹Credit Quality Range is a range of the ratings of the underlying fixed income securities, cash and cash equivalents held in the representative account of the composite as of the date noted, as provided by Moody's Investor Service or the Standard & Poor's ("S&P") or Fitch's, as applicable. If the ratings provided by the rating agency for a security differ, the average of the ratings is included. Bond ratings are ordered highest to lowest in a portfolio. Based on S&P's measures, AAA (the highest possible rating) through BBB are considered "investment grade"; BB or lower ratings are considered non-investment grade. Cash equivalents and some bonds may not be rated.