Strategy Objectives

The Pioneer Credit Opportunities Strategy employs a flexible, focused and disciplined approach to global credit. The Strategy seeks performance consistent with "high quality" high yield markets but with significantly less drawdown during times of market stress. We strive to capitalize on opportunities arising from market dislocations and volatility across global fixed income asset classes and employ a scenario-based approach in an effort to uncover securities that offer the strongest risk-adjusted return potential. The Strategy integrates risk management throughout the entire investment process.


Key Features

Pioneer Credit Opportunities Strategy offers:

  • Emphasis on generating returns on par with a "high quality" high yield strategy (BB credit)
  • A scenario-based approach to uncover securities that offer the strongest risk-adjusted return potential
  • A multi-dimensional risk management framework that integrates security selection and asset allocation to strive to reduce drawdown resulting from extreme market volatility
  • An experienced investment team with over 20 years average industry experience
  • A proven track record of delivering strong risk-adjusted results since inception relative to its peer group



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