Strategy Objectives


Pioneer Disciplined Growth is an actively managed US large-cap growth strategy. The strategy combines bottom-up fundamental analysis with disciplined stock evaluation models while relying on the expertise of Pioneer's seasoned research team. Proprietary risk analysis results in the disciplined execution of the investment philosophy and may result in a consistent return profile over time.


Key Features

The Pioneer Disciplined Growth Strategy is distinguished by the following key features:

  • Consistent, disciplined philosophy and process: The Strategy has held to the same investment philosophy since its inception, and its consistent performance and holdings attribution are evidence of the team's disciplined approach.
  • Risk-adjusted returns and downside protection: Consistent with the philosophy and focus on higher-quality companies, the Strategy has outperformed the Russell 1000® Growth Index in the three most recent calendar year down markets in 2001, 2002, and 2008.
  • Low volatility approach: The companies in which the team typically invests have lower-than average volatility in their business results, which may result in lower stock volatility. Valuation analysis is an impiortant part of the team's security selection process, which typically helps mitigate volatility.
  • Concentrated Portfolio: The Strategy has exposure to high-conviction stocks, diversified across sectors, and poised to outperform over the long term.



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Portfolio Management


Craig Sterling
Senior Vice President,
Head of Equity Research, US, Portfolio Manager


Paul Cloonan, CFA
Senior Vice President,
Portfolio Manager


Ashesh Savla
Vice President,
Senior Quantitative Research Analyst and Portfolio Manager

Strategy Highlights

Inception Date
December 15, 2005


Russell 1000® Growth Index