Strategy Objectives

Pioneer International Equity Strategy combines in-depth top-down analysis of the world's economic prospects with rigorous bottom-up fundamental research. This process enables us to select stocks of well-managed companies that we believe are undervalued relative to their peers and may outperform in the long term.


Key Features

The Pioneer International Equity Strategy is distinguished by the following key features:

  • Experienced global investment team:
    • Team leverages broader global resources of Amundi Pioneer
    • Members average over 23 years of investment experience
  • Integrated top-down, bottom-up investment approach:
    • Regular collaboration among portfolio managers and analysts
    • Central location for shared research and analysis
  • Focus on quality and active management:
    • Bottom-up, fundamental analysis complemented by global macro insights
    • Has produced outperformance over time without additional risk
  • Comprehensive risk management:
    • Risk management at all levels of the investment process
    • Disciplined sell process evaluates holdings regularly based on multiple criteria



Strategy Fact Sheet

Portfolio Management

Marco Pirondini
Executive Vice President,
Head of Equities, US Portfolio Manager


Madelynn Matlock
Vice President,
Portfolio Manager


Strategy Highlights

Inception Date
March 25, 1993